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Software Requirements Definition And Analysis Course: Assignment 3

This assignment asks you to do documentation of requirements in a standard Software Requirements Specification format.  Use the results of either your first assignment or your second assignment, and provide a document in the following format:


Cover Page




      Your name


      Title of the Product




      1.  Purpose:  brief (one to three sentence) description of the product being developed, and whether it is a new product, a new version,, or a replacement.


       2.  Document Conventions:  Describe any typographical conventions you will be using or any standards you will be following.  If there are none (probably the case for your assignment), state NONE.


       3. Project Scope:  Relate the software to business objectives and strategies.


       4.  References:  List any documents, or other resources on which part of the specification is based.  Here you would list the materials for your firast or second assignment.


Overall Description


      1.  Product perspective:  Describe how the product fits into the other products or services your company provides.


      2. User Classes and Characteristics:  Describe the types of users your product is expected to have, their experience with computers, and with similar products.


      3.  Operating Environment:  Describe the hardware, network, other software, etc. with which the product will operate.  Include verison numbers where appropriate.


      4.  Design and Implementation Constraints:  If there are any constraints such as programming language, database management system, code library, coding standard, etc. whcih must be employed on the project, describe them.  If there are any constraints on the selection of tools by the developers, describe them.


        5. Assumptions and Dependencies:  Will the product depend on the availability of any particular personnel, software, or hardware to operate? 


System Features


Repeat these subsections for each feature to be provided by the product.


          1.  Name:  a brief, but descriptive name of the feature


          2.  Description


          3.  Functional Requirements


          4.  Non-functional requirements that affect this feature.


Data Requirements


         1.  Logical data model


         2.  Data Dictionary


        3.  Reports the product will produce


       4.  Data acquisition, integrity, retention, and disposal


External Interface Requirements


        1.  User Interfaces:  Describe the logical characteristics of each user interface.


          2.  Software Interfaces


          3.  Hardware Interfaces


          4.  Communications interfaces


Quality Attributes


           1.  Usability


           2.  Performance


           3.  Security


           4.  Reliability


           5.  Internationalization


           6.  Localization


           7.  Others


       Other Requirements


           1.  Legal


           2.  Accounting


           3.  Logging and audit trails


           4.  Installation


          5.  Startup


           6.  Shutdown


           7.  Monitoring

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