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Southest Asian Music Listening Response

Listen to one (or more) of the pieces discussed specifically in our lecture (see Lesson 25 Current Trends: Western Ideas, Eastern composers), either from a traditional Southeast Asian ensemble or a contemporary Southeast Asian composer. If you would like to listen to another work by one of these composers, please feel free to locate them on MySpace or YouTube to do so. Indicate clearly the title of the work and name of the composer, and write a two-page response in which you describe some of the features of the work that are unique or interesting to you. Feel free to describe your personal response to the piece as well. It may be useful to describe how the composed piece reflects tradition, or how the tradition itself is unique among world musics (as you understand them). Your assignment should be 600 words in length, double spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font with one-inch margins on all sides.

Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Nv5-P46AHQ

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