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Speech Analysis Project


Worth: 25 points

Format: Times New Roman font, 12 point font, double-spaced is ok

Length: Enough to effectively address all questions & requirements listed below regarding your chosen speech

DUE: By [SEE COURSE CALENDAR FOR DEADLINE] by 11:59pm, uploaded to Canvas under the Assignments link

Directions: Instead of making you watch a movie or documentary about public speaking, you get to choose what you want to watch for this assignment!

Step 1: Pick a speech that can be found on YouTube.

Important criteria to consider:
The speech must be at least 4 minutes long, no longer than 20 minutes. (Shorter isnt always better, by the way!)
There must be only one speaker delivering the main speech.
The speaker can be anyone (historical figure, celebrity, regular citizen, adult, teenager, etc.)
The speech must be an actual speech performance or direct address to an audience, not just a recording of someone talking for a blog, tutorial, or personal YouTube channel. It will help if the speaker is on a stage, platform, behind a podium, or generally in front of an audience.
Examples: Ashton Kutchers Teen Choice Award acceptance speech, famous commencement addresses, anything from the Ted Talks channel, general motivational speeches, guest speakers at assemblies

Step 2: Watch ALL of the video that you choose.
Include the following information at the top of your paper:
Title of the video (and speechs title if different from the videos title, if available)
Speakers name
The location and date of the speech performance (if available)
The URL video link

Step 3: Take notes during the video for your paper.
Include the following information about the speech in your paper:
Why did you choose this video?
What is the speakers central idea? (Also known as their thesis or main idea)
What are some of the main points that the speaker addresses? (What are the ideas that the speaker is trying to get the audience to understand or accept?)

Step 4: You will also add in your personal observations and critiques about the speakers performance.
Please DESCRIBE & EXPLAIN the following (These are not just Yes or No questions):
Did the speaker have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion?
Was there an effective attention-getter? Was there an impactful ending?
Were transitions used to help the audience follow along from one point to another? (Also known as sign posts or transitional words & phrases).
Name 2 things that the speaker did really well in his/her performance.
Name 2 things that the speaker should improve or correct in his/her performance.
Do you believe this speaker is a credible speaker? (Credibility). Why or why not?
Overall, what did you like the most about this speech? What did you dislike the most?

I am doing this speech:
Obama Inaugural Address
20th January 2009

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