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Spirituality and Religion in Counseling

For many people, spirituality and religion are important aspects of their identity. However, until recently, religion has been largely ignored by the counseling profession. In this Discussion, you address the relevance of spirituality and religion in counseling.

For this Discussion, review the case study “Katie’s Story” provided in the Learning Resources. Reflect on the experience of religion in the case study. Focus on how spirituality and religion influence attitudes, perceptions, values, beliefs, and behaviors and how this can affect counseling.

With these thoughts in mind and using a real-world example:

Post by Day 3 an example from the case study demonstrating how the client’s spirituality or religion influences her attitudes, perceptions, values, beliefs, and behaviors. Using the same example, explain how spirituality and religion might affect the counselor’s way of facilitating a counseling session.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

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