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sport business

For the final paper you will be tying together all you have learned in this course. Students should create their own business; this can be a sport or health and fitness facility. After selecting the type of business you will create, answer the following questions: (Due Sunday, June 21.)

– What is your business? What product or service will you be providing? Who is this product/service going to serve?

– How will your business be structured (i.e., limited partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.)? Why is this the appropriate structure for your organization?

– How will you obtain funds to open? Describe the financing of this new business.

– What type of payment options will you have for members?

– What will be your primary revenue sources for this facility?

– What type of strategies will you use to market your facility and services that you offer?

– Will you incorporate the community at all (i.e. open houses, or free services)? If so, how? If not, why not?

Papers should be 5-6 pages minimum (title and reference page not included in page count). This paper should be written in APA format with Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins. Ensure your paper is well written with no grammatical errors and cite all references according to APA citation standards.

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