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State of the School Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement


Imagine you are a member of your school or districts leadership team.  You are a school leader (principal, associate principal, assistant principal), lead teacher, technology facilitator, master teacher, or instructional coach.  Your leadership team is required to share with your schools stakeholders the plan for improving the school. It is the beginning of a new school year and you have received your school performance score/balanced scored card and all student assessment results.  You have disaggregated your data and you are aware of the strengths and areas of improvement that you must address as well as any and all gaps that exist among the various groups of students on your campus.  Your superintendent will attend this meeting. You have 20 – 30 minutes to present your information before responding to questions
Section I and II require the creation of  PowerPoint or other Multimedia Presentations using voice-over.  You may use screencast, debut or any other technology tool that you are comfortable using.

Section I: State of the School This presentation must not exceed 30 minutes. Points Possible 150 (You must include a title slide and reference slide.  Title Slide Example:  State of the School Report:  2019 2020 Excellence Stem Academy, Success, LA Principal, Kingston Queens). Your name and position title should be listed on the title slide.  You will also each create a flyer inviting parents and community members to this event.  You may wish to use Canvas or any other tool to create your flyer.

Throughout the semester you have read about continuous school improvement, instructional practice, outcomes, assessment, etc.  The final project is a culmination of activities where you demonstrate your ability to analyze data to assess strengths and areas for improvement.  You should focus on assessing and analyzing gaps among various student groups, observations of the implementation of the schools vison and mission, assessment of teaching practices, etc.  In this final project, you will create your plan for improving your school which you will present using a PowerPoint or Multimedia presentation.  You should have all of the information necessary for completing this final project.  Data is available in a folder on Moodle for your use or you may access data on the Louisiana Department of Educations website. You must align your work with the principles of Continuous School Improvement, Best Practice, Differentiated Instruction and Understanding by Design.

Use the rubric as a guide for creating your presentation.  Your first few slides should present a profile of your school.  Include profile characteristics of your school.  Examples include the number of students enrolled in the total school, demographic information, etc.  Remember to describe your school and community on the first few slides.  You may have new families enrolled at your school.  Explain the gaps that exist among students by gender and race.  Include data tables on your slides for illustration of the gaps as well as strengths and weaknesses.  Remember to include Best Practice and Differentiated Instructional Strategies for addressing strengths and weakness that you identified in your analysis of the data.  Also, remember to include discipline information in your presentation and discuss your plans for improving student behavior as well as academic performance in your presentation.  Parents want to know that their childrens safety is a priority and are interested in positive programs to motivate and encourage students. It is also important to demonstrate that your school will provide equitable learning opportunities for a diverse population.
You must convince your superintendent and audience that your schools leadership team (administrators, teachers, support staff, etc.) will be able to improve student academic and behavioral outcomes in your school and work towards continuous school improvement as a professional learning community/organization.

Section II: Instructional and Behavioral Evaluation Using Data to Create Job-Embedded Professional Development Create one presentation not to exceed 30 minutes. Points Possible 150 (You must include a title slide and reference slide for each presentations.)
You have reviewed data from your classroom observations as well as the overall behavioral data for the school.  Based on the performance of students in the school on statewide assessment and an analysis of the behavioral data, you realize that there is an opportunity for continuous growth and improvement.  You will create one 20 30-minute presentation using voice over.  Your presentation should be used during professional learning communities or planning periods to train teachers during the school day. 

You have analyzed data throughout the semester.  At this point you have created a presentation for stakeholders informing them of the status of the school based on academic and behavioral data in your State of the School presentation.  Next you will develop job-embedded professional development session to work with faculty and staff members to improve student academic and behavioral outcomes and the use of new technology tools. 

    Option 1: Develop a presentation for faculty focusing on on strategies for improving academic and behavioral outcomes. You must reference the data that was used to determine the type of professional development needed.  Your presentation must align with best practice and/or differentiated instructional strategies.  Use your course textbooks and other course resources as references to support the material and content of your presentation.  You may use outside resources and materials as well.  Suggestion:  You may wish to develop a presentation on PBIS or

    Option 2: Develop a presentation for teachers based on the data; however, you must train teachers during your presentation on technology tools and strategies that can be used to enhance instructional and assessment strategies.  You may select the content area (ELA, math, science, social studies, etc.) that you wish to deliver this training to in an educational setting.  Try to include technology tools that will motivate and engage students in an effort to enhance instructional practices and improve outcomes.

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