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4-5 page  for content only; it does not include cover page, abstract, and references used in the assignment
Please reply to the following questions in your paper, and separate each one with major headings and subheadings as needed to present an organized APA paper. Your responses can be 1-3 sentences per question, and all sub-questions should be included.

1. Begin by discussing what the article is about. What are the research questions that are the basis for this study? What is the research hypothesis, if it is present. (There may be several, so state them all.) If there are not research questions and/or a hypothesis, indicate that is the case and provide your interpretation of what the research question and hypotheses are. Why is this article important and/or useful to healthcare professionals? (4%)

2. What is the sample used for this study? Is it a representative sample of the larger population? Is the size appropriate? Why or why not? (2%)

3. Was an instrument used to collect the data? What is it called and who designed it? Were reliability and validity of the measures discussed? If so, do you think they are adequate? Why are the measures of reliability and validity important? (3%)

4. Were there tables or other forms of data displays? Were they understandable? What information and/or analyses from the study did they portray? (2%)

5. If the authors discussed limitations of their statistical methods, what were they? Do you agree with the authors’ position? Why or why not? Are there additional methodological or statistical limitations that you identified that the authors did not make note of? If so, what were they? (3%)

6. Comment on the studys findings (results) and the generalizability of the studys findings. Why are these results important and who are they generalizable to? If you were to conduct this same study, what, would you do differently to improve the study and its results? (3%)

7. What did you learn about statistical procedures, methodology, and measurement from this article and assignment? (3%)


Carlisle, G. C. (2015). The social skills and attachment to dogs of children with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders, 45(5), 1137-1145. doi:10.1007/s10803-014-2267-7

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