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Stoicism and Aristotle on Emotions

Instructions:  This will be an oral final exam.  You will meet me via Zoom at your chosen time (see schedule).  The exam will be 15 minutes total.  You will give an 8-10 minute presentation on one of the prompts below.  The remainder of the time you will be responding to questions I will ask you about your presentation. 

After the exam, send me a 3×5 note card with your name and thesis statement.  You may use notes for your presentation, but do not read it to me. 
Stoicism and Aristotle on Emotions:  Aristotle thinks that emotion is essential to being virtuous. The courageous person, for example, experiences fear in the right way towards the right things.  Only the reckless person has no fear.  Does the stoic agree with this?  Epictetus says that our emotions are up to us, but that we should not be upset by things that are not up to us.  Does this mean that the good stoic has no fear?  Drawing from passages in Epictetus handbook and Aristotles Nicomachean Ethics, explain whether you think the Stoic and Aristotle disagree about the role of emotions in our life. 

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