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strategic planning

The following also appears in the Course Information module, Developing the Strategic Plan section:
The strategic plan should include the following:
    Executive Summary
    Current Performance Analysis/Mission, Vision, Values
    Strategic Plan Goals and Rationale
    SWOT Analysis
    Strategic Objectives (short-range, mid-range, long-range) employing Balanced Scorecard; Implementation Plan
    Communication Plan
The paper should be between 20 pages, double-spaced, adhere to APA guidelines, and conform to generally accepted standards of scholarly writing and criteria for written papers included in the Course Description module. Particular attention will be placed on the comprehensiveness of the plan, the quality of writing and organization, the extent to which assertions and claims are credibly supported, the reasoning and critical thinking demonstrated throughout the plan, the relevance of goals and objectives, demonstrated mastery of material covered throughout the program, and relevance of the resources consulted in the development of the plan.

the paper must use the referenced strategic plan.  you must write the plan according to the directions using the information provided in the attached material.

this is for a hospital in new York.

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