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Stream Morphology Laboratory

This lab enables you to construct a physical scale model of a stream system to help you understand how streams and rivers shape the landscape, and how human actions can affect river ecosystems.  This lab is done with materials that you will need to supply; the list of items you will need to obtain is in the Stream Morphology Investigation Manual.


The Process


Take the required photos and complete all of the assignments (calculations, data tables, etc).  On the lab worksheet, answer all the questions in the Lab questions section.  Finally transfer all your answers and visual elements from the Lab Worksheet into the Lab Report.  You will submit both the Lab Report and The Lab Worksheet 


Before you begin the assginment read the Stream Morphology Investigation Manual and review The Scientific Method presentation video


Complete Activity 1 and Activity 2 using materials that you supply.  Photograph each activity following these instructions:


When taking lab photos, you need to include in each image a strip of paper with your name and the date clearly written on it.. My name is Twanda Harrington…


Complete all parts of the Week 1 Lab worksheet and answer all of the questions in the “Lab Questions section


Transfer your responses to the lab questions and the data table and your photos from the Lab Worksheet into the Lab Report Template

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