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substance abuse: alcohol, marijuana,

This is a powerpoint presentation that i started already. Use peer reviewed sources. APA. Please fill out all missing part
    Review local data related to the specific problem or addiction identified in the Community Health Assessment and Diagnosis assignment. Maintain privacy and only include data that is available to the public. Include citation(s) on the slide when resources are used. Include all resources used on reference slide.

Directions: Create a PowerPoint presentation teaching about the use of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT).

PowerPoint Community description DONE
o    Basic demographic data (i.e. population, size, education, poverty levels, etc.)
o    Relevant epidemiological data from Community Assessment and Diagnosis assignment.

New PowerPoint slide Problem description DONE
o    Comprehensive overview of the substance and problem
    Include any contributing factors specific to your community (i.e. target marketing, lack of employment opportunities, few treatment providers, lack of transportation, availability, etc.)

New PowerPoint slide PLEASE DO
    SBIRT description
    Description of SBIRT abbreviation and process
    How SBIRT is used specific to identified problem
    How to use SBIRT with vulnerable population
    How SBIRT impacts the problem?

New Powerpoint Community Resource DONE
o    Describe one community resource that may assist with the substance use concern. (For example, a local substance abuse clinic).
o    Include how to reach this resource    Phone, referral form, etc.
o    Assess 4 As: affordability, accessibility, acceptability, availability for each resource

New PowerPoint for practice  Please DO
o    Provide a comprehensive overview of the impact to the selected nurses.
o    How does the data impact them? How could the implementation of SBIRT tool into their practice impact patient outcomes? Use at least one scholarly reference as support

New PowerPoint Conclusion Please Do
o    Summary and importance to improving population health outcomes

    Reference slide  PLEASE INCLUDE PEER-reviewed in apa format
o    Minimum of 3 references. Should include references for SBIRT overview, community data, and at least one scholarly source. Utilize more references as needed.




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