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Successes and Challenges faced by Tom Longboat

The essay is intended to provide you with the opportunity to summarize and critique the current academic literature that is
focused on a topic of your choice, which is related to one of the topics covered in this course. Regardless of the topic, you
will need to demonstrate a rich understanding by writing a well-thought-out, thoroughly researched, clear, concise, and
literature-informed paper. When doing the course readings, consider articles that you find especially appealing and
consider how you might incorporate readings into your essay.
Sample essay topics:
Recreation research that has ethically/respectfully engaged Indigenous peoples
Promotion of contemporary sport among Indigenous peoples
Teaching of Traditional games in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities
Examination of the TRC’s Calls to Action pertaining to health and sport
Format: The paper should be a maximum of 8 pages, double-spaced (plus a maximum of 2 additional pages for
references and appendices). The paper must incorporate and reference a minimum of ten peer-reviewed journal articles.
Please follow APA guidelines for format.
All essays must be submitted in a “Word” document via eClass by Monday December 7, 2020.

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