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summarizing an article

The article summary should include four main parts here is the article link: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/san-diego-and-imperial-counties-community-colleges-unite-to-fill-growing-labor-skills-gap-300669097.html

Part 1: Title of Article, Author(s), Source, and Date of Article using APA Citation (see Module Resources)

Part 2: After reading the abstract and the article, summarize the main idea of the article.  A summary should communicate to your audience what the article is generally about, and it answers the question, What is the significance of this study or article?  A summary includes details about the purpose of the article and the findings via data or statistics. A summary does not include your personal opinion or critique of the methods used and it must be in your own words.  Use direct citations sparingly.

Part 3: Critique the method or implications described in the article. Name actions or research the author could have done differently in order to improve the study and explain why you think these changes would have been improvements to his/her article or readership.  Remember, you are not critiquing the author’s writing style or opinions, you are critiquing their methods by providing alternative scenarios that you think are also important for them to consider.  For example, if the author is citing data from another state, you may notice that those findings are unlikely to be true in California or even Kern County. Your critique can include your personal observations or data that you find online.

Part 4: Recommend that the article be included or omitted from the required reading list for this course and explain your position. Do you believe this article has educational value? Does it merit inclusion on a required reading list in a Student Development course and specifically to the objectives of this module?  Why or why not?

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