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Surviving COVID during the holidays

You will develop a treatment or a task group that is designed to meet in person by using the following guidelines:
1. In paragraph format, describe
a. Your groups purpose
b. How you will recruit participants
c. Provide a sample of your recruitment tool
d. Describe how you will address the potential influence of culture, ethnicity,
gender, poverty, power, etc.
e. The venue for your group meetings
f. Facilitation style and what makes that style effective vs. ineffective.
2. Identify 5 skills that are effective and describe their efficacy. Also describe 3 skills that if used ineffectively would negatively impact the group.
3. Process recording. Divide your paper into three columns.
a. In the left column, type a sample transcript of the introduction, middle or
closing segment of the group dialogue.
b. In the middle column, next to the dialogue, label in BOLD TYPE the skill
that you would demonstrate, e.g. Questioning (based on the skills you
described in question 2).
c. In the third column, describe any challenges that might occur. In other
words, how do you anticipate the individual(s) will respond? How would
you respond?
4. In regular paragraph format, provide an analysis of the overall efficacy of this type
of group. You MUST cite peer reviewed sources to satisfactorily respond to this question.

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