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Systems Challenge: ER Avoidable Use

Investigate the issue of ER avoidable use as it portrays misuse of healthcare resources.  Create a 10 12 slide PowerPoint Presentation. Use a minimum of 4 current scholarly sources to support your work.  See rubric for specific, required content criteria within each section of the presentation:
    Provide an introduction to the presentation
    Present an overview surrounding the issue of ER avoidable use, and explain the impact on healthcare systems and individual patients.
    Identify three specific underlying reasons for this misuse of healthcare resources, and discuss how each underlying issue is reflective of a gap or problem within the current healthcare system.
    Propose one strategy to address or resolve one of the underlying issues, and discuss how the strategy will specifically address or resolve the issue.  Provide a detailed explanation of the resources necessary to operationalize the proposed strategy. 
    Provide a conclusion to the presentation.

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