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Test Critique Outline

Test Critique Outline
Choose a psychological test (not the one you designed!) from the book or from a journal article.

Make sure there is at least one empirical article (published in a journal) where they have used the instrument in testing a hypothesis (not just a validation/reliability study on the instrument).

You can do this in an essay or outline format. write at least one sentence for each of these areas and paragraphs where indicated.

Name of Instrument


Where published/Availability

What the Instrument measures: Write 2-3 paragraphs defining and discussing the concept validity and Reliability– Write 2-3 paragraphs describing the types and correlations.

Number of items

Administration time

Interpreting Scores (overall, scales, subscales, etc.) — Write 2-3 paragraphs describing the scores and how they may be used.

Summary of any research that has utilized the instrument (review at least 1 study)-What concepts are they measuring-

What is the hypothesis?

Do you think this was a good instrument for this research? Explain why or why not.—

Discuss your overall impression of this research

Your Critique of the instrument 2-3 paragraphs
Ease of administration and scoring?

What you might use this test for?

Why or why not you would use this test?

Include references for your test information and research article. 

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