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Texas is the death penalty capital of the democratic world.

Texas is the death penalty capital of the democratic world. Yet the state has one of the highest crime rates in the country. In addition to the ethical issues capital punishment raises, does this prove that the death penalty is ineffective? Discuss with reference to the theories of punishment, deterrence, isolation, and rehabilitation.

4-5 page analysis (do not count the Works Cited page in your page count). Be specific.  Make sure to edit well and cite at least five scholarly sources.
Conform to MLA style when citing sources and composing your Works Cited page.
To facilitate grading, all writing assignments must comply with the following guidelines:

Papers must be completed as a Word document, using one-inch margins, one-and-one half or double spacing, and size 12 Times Roman or Arial font.
Include the following, single-spaced, at the top left of the first page (before the paper title).
Your name and student ID number (i.e., John Doe #xxxxxxx)
Semester, course rubric and number and section number (i.e., 2016SP GOVT 2306-3xxxx)
Name of assignment (i.e., Texas Policy Analysis Paper)
In naming your file include the name of the assignment, semester, course and section number, and your name.  (For example, for your paper, name your file Analytical Paper-2016SP-GOVT 2306-3xxxx-John Doe.)
Papers must be submitted through SafeAssign (to check for plagiarism) as attachments under the proper eCampus Submission Area by the date and time specified in the class schedule.
Papers deviating from these guidelines will be docked 10 points (or more if they radically depart from these guidelines).  Writing a paper demands/requires careful thought, writing, and editing on your part. Lean, muscular prose will be highly prized. Rambling, pointless sentences will be penalized. Cardinal grammatical (subject verb disagreement, sentence fragments, etc.) and spelling errors will be docked three (3) points each. A simple use of spell and grammar check, a process taking mere minutes, will save you many points.

*I just copy paste the instruction, I know some of these things do not apply to you*

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