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The Book What I didn’t Learn in Business School

The book What I Didnt Learn in Business School describes the struggle of a student from a small town in Texas who was hired in a major consulting firm. Without any consulting experience, he joined an effort to help HGS Chemicals decide how to handle a major new product developed in their research labs. They are trying to develop a strategy that will be successful, using many of the concepts we have studied from the Rothaermel text.

In this paper, evaluate how well Justin has done.

First, each individual should write a paragraph about Justins performance. You can either describe one action you think Justin did well or describe something an action he could have done better (or not done at all). If you think he did something well, describe what he did and why you think he did well. If you think he did poorly, tell what you think he should have done instead, and why.

The group should discuss drafts of each of the paragraphs, and include the paragraphs in the paper after careful editing. After each of these paragraphs about Justin’s individual performance, include the name of the person primarily responsible for it in boldface.

Second, the last section of the paper should be written as a group. It should be an overall analysis of the performance of the consulting team and of Justin.  Did the team do a good job of understanding the possible strategic opportunity for Plastiwear and developing a strategy? Did Justin do a good job in contributing as the junior person on the team?

Support your arguments with facts from the What I Didnt Learn  book and theories from both What I Didnt Learn and the Rothaermel text.

The paper will not be evaluated based on length, but you should be able to accomplish this in 4 to 6 pages.

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