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The Concepts of Equality and Social Equity

Instruct-(ETH 9)-P-The Concepts of Equality and Social Equity

Write in APA format, 12 font size, Times Roman

1. For the 2 resources listed below (Glaser & Hacker), create 3 bullet points for EACH article that capture the relationship between equality and social equity, and critical insights you gained from each article. Summarize these key points and insights by using APA format.

Glaser, M. A., Hildreth, W. B., McGuire, B. J., & Bannon, C. (2011). Frederickson’s Social Equity Agenda Applied. Public Integrity, 14(1), 19–38.

Hacker, J. S., & Pierson, P. (2010). Winner-Take-All Politics: Public Policy, Political Organization, and the Precipitous Rise of Top Incomes in the United States. Politics & Society, 38(2), 152–204.


2. For this resource listed below (Arsenio) give a brief explanation about the relationship between equality and social equity and Then explain, how this resource is relevant to the other 2 resources listed above (Glaser & Hacker).

Arsenio, W. F. (2018). The wealth of nations: International judgments regarding actual and ideal resource distributions. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 27(5), 357–362.


3. Provide an example from current or past personal experience (about one paragraph) on a threat to equality or equity. Then, explain a strategy you believe that a public administrator might use to promote equality and equity in this example and explain why you chose this strategy.


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