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The Cooperation between lifelong enemies

A research paper between 5000-6750 words (including proper footnotes and bibliography) on a specific research question selected by the student and approved by the professor.  b.  Your paper must be original insofar as you are expected to not merely summarize the sources pertaining to the research question.  Rather, you must offer a reasoned interpretation and analysis of the issues raised by the question which is not directly taken from the sources themselves. Papers that do not attempt original reasoned analysis/interpretation cannot earn anything higher than a C-. 

Please use the Research Paper proposal as the guide as it has my research question and thesis. The methodology section is sort of a basis to how i wanted to write the paper. Also the arrow diagram must be included as an actual box and arrow diagram. The question is used to test Larsons theory that co-operation needs trust. I want to frame it in a way that shows that co-operation does not need trust. The sources i give should help.

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