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The evolution of NAFTA into USMCA


Research Paper Guidelines
1. The paper is to be approximately 10 pages long as follows:
a. Page 1: Cover sheet
b. Page 2: Table of Contents (the listings on this page are to be used as the headings throughout
the paper)
c. Page 3: Abstract
d. Pages 4 through 9: Body of the paper (which includes an introduction with a clearly stated thesis
and a conclusion at the end of the paper)
e. Page 10: Resources
3. The paper is to be formatted per APA style; in general, this includes the following:
a. Text is to be double-spaced; do not add an extra space between paragraphs.
b. One-inch margins
c. 12-point, Times New Roman font
d. Page numbers (required)
e. Sources must be cited properly using APA style including a references page and intext/parenthetical citations throughout the paper.
f. Material borrowed verbatim (word-for-word) from resources must appear in quotation marks or in
an APA-style block quotation format.
Note: Per APA Guidelines, both quoted material and paraphrased ideas must be cited using a
reference to the author (or title of the article if the author is not identified) in the text (and/or
parenthetically) in the body of the paper. All sources referenced in the paper must appear on the
References page, and all sources listed on the References page must be referenced specifically
in the paper. Material borrowed verbatim must appear inside quotations marks, as necessary.
4. A minimum of five (5) different resources must be used in writing the paper. Research resources will
be limited to those available on the Internet (no Internet accessible books) and may be no more than
five (5) years old. This is to ensure that a topic relevant today is being addressed from a current
perspective. Avoid Internet subscriber services (such as material available only to AOL members or
e-magazine subscribers) and material with restricted access (such as material that may only be
accessed from systems running on some .mil or .gov domains).
5. Personal experience may be referenced sparingly in the paper, but must be supported by cited
research. One of the important aspects of this assignment is to use resource material properly.
Choose resources wisely as they must be appropriate for academic research. Blogs, Wikipedia, and
travel websites do not meet these criteria.
6. Avoid the use of I and you. (Avoid writing from the first person perspective.)


Proposed topic: The evolution of NAFTA into USMCA
Description of the topic (3-4 sentences):  A brief history of what drove NAFTA into being, and the recent transformation/implementation into USMCA.  Political issues that arose and how (internal) agreement was reached.  The major changes that USMCA wrought in contrast to NAFTA, and they way forward, not only with USMCA, but what effects in may have on other future trade agreements internationally.
Description of the relationship between your topic and the core values of community and/or personal
Community:  This plays into how, as a nation, we interact with the global community, and how diplomacy and agreements pave the way not only economically, but build and maintain relationships.
Development:  This goes into being educated about the world around us and interactions within that world.  How you and your neighbors, friends, colleagues may be affected by changes in trade and economy and helping you understand how intertwined things can be.
Proposed subtopic 1 and brief description:  A brief history on the origins of NAFTA, why and how it came about.
Proposed subtopic 2 and brief description: How and why USMCA came to be.
Proposed subtopic 3 and brief description: Internal politics and how USMCA was changed to reach bipartisan approval within the U.S.
Proposed subtopic 4 and brief description: The major changes implemented by USMCA and how they affected industry.
Proposed subtopic 5 and brief description:  The way forward, future changes to the USMCA, and how it might drive changes to other international trade agreements.
(Note: The various subtopics are to be labeled in the paper; this will help keep the paper organized.)
Source 1
Title of article: USMCA vs NAFTA
Date of publication (if available; use n.d. if not available): Not Dated (Dept. of Commerce site)
Source 1 URL (must link directly to the article or show the path): https://www.trade.gov/usmca-vsnafta
Source 2
Title of article: The Switch From NAFTA to USMCA, What’s the Same and What’s Different?
Date of publication (if available; use n.d. if not available):    4/23/2019
Source 2 URL (must link directly to the article or show the path): https://globaledge.msu.edu/blog/post/55764/the-switch-from-nafta-to-usmca–what’s-the-same-and-what’s-different-
Source 3
Title of article: These 4 changes helped Trump and Democrats agree to the USMCA trade deal
Date of publication (if available; use n.d. if not available): 11 December 2019, updated 16 January, 2020
Source 3 URL (must link directly to the article or show the path): https://www.pbs.org/newshour/economy/making-sense/these-4-changes-helped-trump-and-democrats-agree-to-the-usmca-trade-deal
Source 4
Title of article: NAFTA Versus USMCA: Taxes, Tariffs, And Trade In North America
Date of publication (if available; use n.d. if not available): 22 January, 2020
Source 4 URL (must link directly to the article or show the path): https://www.forbes.com/sites/taxnotes/2020/01/22/nafta-versus-usmca-taxes-tariffs-and-trade-in-north-america/?sh=41c95d204a13
Source 5
Title of article: NAFTA vs.USMCA: A Complete Comparison
Date of publication (if available; use n.d. if not available):12 August, 2020
Source 5 URL (must link directly to the article or show the path): https://usacustomsclearance.com/process/nafta-vs-usmca-a-complete-comparison/

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