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The Getty Kouros

You are to write a short, two-three-page essay on the Getty Kouros, examining the evidence for it either being an authentic work of art or a forgery. Be sure to introduce the artwork, where/when it was found and a brief description of the piece, THEN give a short analysis on its authenticity based on your research. This is an opinion paper, so I want to hear YOUR opinion on what conclusion you have come to, and why, based on the research you have done. You need to convince me that your conclusion is the right one, so how would you go about doing so?
Make sure to properly cite your sources with in-text parenthetical citations and a works cited page!!!
Formatting Rules: TIMES NEW ROMAN 12-point font, with 1-inch margins. Also, be sure to cite your sources according to the MLA style guide. For all online article and/or book sources, you must include copies/screenshots of the sources you are using, with the sections you are getting your information from highlighted on the copies/screenshots.

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