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The Great Gatsby book/movie comparison

Upon release of the 2013 film remake of The Great Gatsby, several critics argued that the modern depiction of the classic text by F. Scott Fitzgerald simply did not do the novel justice. In film: symbols, themes, characters, setting, and conflicts are depicted in a much different way than in a full length text. Now that you have completed your own analysis, it is your responsibility to argue, as a critic, whether the modern depiction of the film maintains the integrity of the classic novel The Great Gatsby.

In your essay be sure to
Identify whether you believe the film maintains the integrity of the text
Analyze how the film and text are different, and how these differences either maintain or destroy the integrity of the text
Include specific examples from the text (pg) and the film to support your argument
Address symbolism, theme, setting, character, and/or conflict in your analysis
Maintain a formal style of writing
MLA Format (Times New Roman, 12pt font, Double Spaced)
3-4 full pages

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