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THE IMPACT OF COVID 19 (Have a unique Title)

write a paper discussing a current event and apply psychological theory to educate the reader.  The topic should be a relevant to current issues (e.g. COVID-19, the election, George Floyd, BLM, etc.) that has impacted society and possibly you.  The paper should address the following:

    Choose a current event and discuss it in a scholarly manner
o    Choose a psychological construct, define, and connect it to the current event.
    Discuss the historical relevance of the construct using empirical support from psychological studies.
    Discuss how the construct impacts individuals, groups, and society based on empirical research.
    Discuss the construct impacts mental health/well-being (e.g. self-esteem, self-efficacy, life satisfaction, achievement, etc.)
    Discuss resolutions in approaching the construct from a research, policy, or practitioner methodology.
o    The student wants to approach this question from an application model that might be a career choice for her. 
    The paper should have an introductory paragraph (What the reader will learn in the paper) with your thesis statement that explains to the reader the topic in a clear, concise, and state your argument (What the paper will prove after reading your paper).
    A brief literature review (4-5 pages) discussing the history of the topic, how it affects individuals/society.  What is the problem (include stats from evidenced-based research)
    Explain the concept from a psychological model
    The paper should have a conclusion
o    Emphasize the purpose and importance of your paper
o    Explain the significance or consequences of your argument
o    Establish your paper as the basis for further investigation
o    The paper should have at least 6 references and the book count as one (1)

Your paper will be based on American and Global research. This paper should be done in APA format 7th edition and comprised of 8 to 10 pages not including the cover, abstract, or reference page. This entire paper should be in your own words; do not just copy information from sources as this will result in an F on this assignment.  The rubric is located on the Moodle page. The sources must be peer reviewed, non-psychology textbooks, and no older than 10 years.  You may also only use one newspaper article.  This is considered your major paper for this course, so you should start this early and write this in a manner that is scholarly and represents your abilities as a graduating senior.  This paper will be uploaded in a Word document file in Moodle. Please refer to https://apastyle.apa.org/style-grammar-guidelines/paper-format/student-annotated.pdf  for a sample.

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