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The Mayflower

This paper must be at least 6 pages in length (not including title page and bibliography).  All pages must be numbered.  The paper must include a title page.  It must be based on at least 4 sources.  Films and documentaries are not to be cited.  Stick to books and scholarly articles that are relatively recent.  Reference works may be cited provided they are of a specialized type.  Limit your paper to one of two cited reference works.  The paper must contain an appropriate citation style of MLA format.  Your paper must contain a works cited page.  The paper should be free of spelling, grammatical, and stylistic errors.  Avoid over quoting.  The Paper should have a clear thesis or question to be answered.  The paper should move beyond simple description; rather, it should demonstrate critical thinking and analysis.  

The paper will be about the Mayflower ship and its coming to America.  The topic must also talk about how the Mayflower impacted America and its settlers.  It must also talk about the role the Mayflower played for the pilgrims.  It must include an engaging opener, an engaging closing, and a well thought out conclusion.


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