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The Political & Economical Relation between the US & Saudi Arabia

I want to write a paper for my master thesis
I am Saudi, so please take it in consideration and try to be objective
Please provide it with official sources “Books, Researches, etc”
Do not use hard English
The aim of the research is to define the type of the liberal relation, is it political, economic, strategically, .etc?
Here is the Abstract
The Relation between United States of America and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a historical relation. The bilateral relation started officially, when King Abdulaziz “the founder of Saudi Arabia” met with the American president “Franklin Roosevelt” on the board of the USS Quincy in the Suez Canal in 1945. Since the beginning, Saudi Arabia depends on the US  in importing weapons and developing defensive systems. On the other hand, Washington used to depends on Riyadh in importing Oil and Chemicals. As the years went on, the relationship got stronger. Saudi Arabia was established in 1932, and the country has been ruled by seven kings. In the same period , United States has been headed up  by 14 different Presidents. Some experts argue that the relations between the two countries driven by economic interests, other argue that it is driven by political interests. The world has changed a lot since the start of the bilateral relationship between Saudi Arabia and United States, so it is not that easy to determine the main driven of this relation. Today, United States of America is the biggest oil producer in the world. As for Saudi Arabia, it is no longer depends only on United States to arm itself. Saudi Arabia imports arms from the US, Russia, China, and other countries, and it has also started to manufacture some weapons locally. Middle East has changed a lot, so it is not that simple to determine the main interest of the alliance.

The Structure of my research:
-Historical Background of the relation
-Saudi Political System and decision Making
-American Political System and decision Making
-The importance of KSA to USA
-The importance of USA to  KSA
-Saudi American common interests
-Defence Agreement
-American Forces in Saudi Arabia
-Foundation of ARAMCO
-Cold war and Soviet containment
    -First conflict in 1936
    -9-11 Attacks
    -Khashoggy Assassination
    -Perodollar Power
    -Allegation of founding terroisms
    -Yemen War
-American presidents since 1989 until today “The Bilteral relation in their era”:
    -George H W Bush 1989-1993
    -Bill Clinton 1993-2001
    -George W Bush 2001-2009
    -Barack Obama 2009-2016
    -Donal Trump 2016-2020
  -Jo Biden
-Political Intersts
-Economic Intersts
-Stratgical Intersts
-Analyzing + Point of View + Conclusion

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