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The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding and application of concepts of growth and development across the lifespan.

In this assignment, you are tasked with creating an event timeline to examine and analyze your life span development via the stages and theories discussed in this course. You will incorporate concepts in each of the following domains:
a.    Physical/motor
b.    Cognitive
c.    Socioemotional/Psychosocial
d.    Moral
e.    Family/Cultural

2.    Create a list of 5 specific events from your life2 events from your past, 2 from your present, and 1 from at least 20 years into your ideal future 
3.    Event requirements:
a.    A title (make it fun!) 
b.    Age at which the event occurred 
c.    Domain of development and lifestage addressed
d.    Event description in 3-5 sentences
e.    Representative picture of the event (can be clip art, personal photos, illustrations, etc.)   
f.    Explain HOW and WHY the event represents the developmental domain and stage chosen. Be sure to relate the details of the event to both stage and domain. Use appropriate developmental terminology/vocabulary in your explanation. 
4.    You can choose to display your events in one of the following formats:
a.    Word document
b.    Powerpoint slides
c.    Booklet or brochure form
5.    Presentation:
a.    Organization of information
b.    Visual appearance
c.    Formatting
d.    Spelling, grammar, punctuation

Please review the topic in this lesson for an example of how your timeline events will be presented.

Please text me if you have any questions or need information regarding this assignment. Thank you

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