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The topic for this paper is the development of suicide bombing by Hizballah and its more general use by other groups in the Lebanese arena in the 1980s.

I need a 2 page paper discussion answering and addressing the following prompt – you must use the sources provided, but dont have to cite sources in MLA or APA format – you can just write what source you used, or if it was a website you can link it – copy and paste the title of the article or text and the page number. Pretty straightforward. Be sure to include/stick with the sources I have provided, getting information off of websites and citing it is heavily NOT encouraged. Please call or text me at +1(513)-225-4564 for any questions, information or details. You have access to all of the resources needed. Do not hesitate to contact me with updates, questions or information.

Prompt: The topic for this paper is the development of suicide bombing by Hizballah and its more general use by other groups in the Lebanese arena in the 1980s.  You should start with the general history of the group in the PowerPoint; then, use Bymans chapter on Iran and its support for Hizballah to understand the background/context to Hizballahs use of suicide bombing, then continue to Albert Banduras chapter Mechanisms of Moral Disengagement.  From there, look at Martin Kramers chapter on Hizballah and Ariel Meraris chapter on suicide bombing more generally and answer the following: Did suicide bombing begin as a genuine religious imperative that was latent in the Shiite understanding of Islam, or was it more the consequence of the manipulation of religious symbols and traditions by organizations such as Iran and Hizballah?  To answer this question, it is important to think about the role that religion plays in suicide bombingdoes it drive the violence or is it used to justify the violence after the fact? In either case, why do organizations use suicide bombers? Do the bombers seem to be driven by primary, ideological motivations or more by secondary motivations?  (Here you should also think back to Jessica Sterns brief coverage of Palestinian suicide bombing in Chapter 2 of her book; note her reference to Merari, p. 51since writing the chapter in the Reich book, Merari has come to emphasize organizations more so than individual psychology, so please consider this when using his work).  Bandura argues that much of terrorist violence comes from the mental restructuring of killing to make it more acceptable to the individual doing the killing by freeing them of their own moral restraints (164).  Do you see evidence that religious imagery and symbolism is being used for these purposes?  How are prospective bombers radicalized? Do you see similarities between Hizballah suicide bombing and that of the LTTE?

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