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The Trouble with Wilderness

In your 3-4 page response to The Trouble with Wilderness; or Getting Back to the Wrong Nature, William Cronon argues our idealization of wilderness has led us astray.  Wilderness has become the battle ground in many discussions of conservation and protection of natural resources.  Historically, the concept of Wilderness has been at the heart of some battles between Utilitarian Conservationist and Preservationist. Ultimately, Cronon is asking you to exam what Wilderness means to you and how it shapes your priorities for conservation. Your paper should be typed (word processed), double spaced, with 1-inch margins, no header (name should be right or left justified).
You are not required to read any related materials outside of the essay itself, However, by citing others work you strengthen your argument.  Please avoid statements that are opinion written as if they are fact.  If you do use other sources, you must provide references to all sources you used at the end of your essay. The format of citation is not critical if it is formatted consistently and allows the reader to find the materials.
Please avoid direct quotes whenever possible.  You may find a need it quoting a particular thought of Cronons, but first consider if you can paraphrase.

See the articke “The Trouble with Wilderness” attached.

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