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theoretical orientation

In the final assignment students will: (A) complete an 8-10 page paper discussing their personal theoretical orientation to counseling. The paper should be written in APA 6th edition format and should have at least 3 sources;

    The major points of the paper should include:
    2). Your view of human nature (what motivates human beings and how does
                              pathology develop)
    3). How can your personal theory bring about change in human beings (what does
                            your theory say is necessary for a person to be mentally healthy)
    4). Your view of the therapeutic process including beliefs about goals and the
                              counselors function and role
    5). Your view of techniques/interventions which are necessary for change to occur
    6).  How does your personal theory address/respect client spirituality (if 
    7). Strengths and limitations of your theory

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