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Therapeutic PET Scan Intervention for Alzheimers Disease.

The Final Paper is the culmination of your research.  It must be focused on a new or emerging technology that has applications in medical imaging and is associated with a specific pathology.  Each researcher is expected to synthesize the information taken from reputable sources and create original thoughts.  Paraphrasing and the liberal use of source citations will be required.  It is expected the use of direct quotations is limited to a total number of less than five throughout the entire paper, and block quotations (quotations that contain more than 40 words) will not be allowed.  Additionally, the final paper will be required to meet APA formatting standards including subtitles, correct spelling and grammar, and will contain at least 10 sources (current within a 10 year period).  Of the resources used, the majority must be current to within six years.  It is expected that 25% of the references used will be peer reviewed.  The body of your final paper, at minimum, must be at least 10 pages in length. 

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