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Steam enters the turbine of a simple vapor power plant with a pressure of 60 bar, and a temperature of 500C, and expands adiabatically to a condenser pressure, p, where it fully condenses to a quality of zero at the condenser exit (x = 0). The isentropic efficiency of both the turbine and the pump is 85%.

a) Plot (1) the turbine exit quality, and (2) the cycle thermal efficiency for condenser pressures ranging from 10 kPa to 100 kPa. (Hint: increment condenser pressure in steps of no less than 10 kPa). Show sample calculations for one condenser pressure.

b) What design operating point would you choose so that the cycle has best performance?

c) What modifications to the selected cycle can you implement to improve its performance? Show one example modification along with the calculations of the improved performance.

1. The submitted report must have clear and detailed steps. The report can be prepared using MS Word  . 2. You may use MS Excel or any other plotting software to plot the results in part (a). 

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