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Thoughtful responses to classmate

Thoughtful responses to classmate 1 and classmate 2 separately.

Classmate #1-
I have not yet found a strategy that works for me besides cramming everything in last minute. I am trying to get better at this but unfortunately up until now it has been procrastinate. I could say that working in a hospital takes me away from my studies but inevitable I signed up for math and need to make more time to work through it.

Honestly just dedicating time to sit down and work uninterrupted is the most challenging problem.

Classmate #2-
I did not find a good strategy to my work schedule, personal life and school yet. My current study strategy is to actually complete my weekly content before its due. I retain most of the content from ALEKS and just apply it in the practice questions but any further study at this time is very little. I currently in the process of moving apartments and working on nightshift for 12hrs. I do most of my homework when I wake up before I go to work. I find the video helpful but the practice questions are the best source of learning. When I get stuck with a problem and trying to solve it with no assistance helps me remember. The most challenging problems would be the formula. I just need to remember it and apply it as much as I can to overcome this challenged. Overall, I feel confident with my progress at the moment and it will get easier when I finally moved and adjusted to the morning shift next week.

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