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I need a situational analysis in relation to company business ethics. I was thinking about the recruitment of staff linked to youth unemployment. Here in Ticino (Switzerland) an example could be Swisscom who reserve every year places for apprentices.

How can it be considered a Ticino company that has no young employees ?

If I had a company and i want to hire workers? are better young people or people with work experience?

What are the main difference between a young employee and one with much more experience ?

1. Find information on Swisscom’s apprentice program (including how they do it and their justifications for it) – first stop, their website… or phone them and ask them to email you information about the program
2. Find information on youth unemployment in Ticino (Cantonal website)
3. Background information about apprentice programs (apprentice program*) and youth unemployment (GOOGLE SCHOOLAR)
4. Begin a step-by-step analysis (hypothetically – for apprentice programs and youth unemployment)

If you do not find enough Swisscom information do the main topic on Companies creating apprenticeship programs to tackle youth unemployment (is your general ethical situation)

please use a simple English. (not mother language)

Companies creating apprenticeship programs to tackle youth unemployment (is my general ethical situation)


1) Upgrading Skills of Young Workers in Switzerland: Local Skill Strategies in the City of Lugano. Moreno Baruffini / Valentina Mini
This article gives you a nice perspective on the strategies for young workers, from a low-skilled worker to increase, and changing the market for improve their skills.

2) Social Business Earth. A Social Business to Foster Youth Employment in Canton Ticino, Switzerland.” https://socialbusinessearth.org/youth-unemployment/#:~:text=The%20official%20unemployment%20rate%20among,from%202.5%25%20to%209%25
This article concentrates more on giving datas to provide a training programs for unemployments youth. It also confirms that from 2008 unemployment people under 25 years are increased by 60%.

3) Carenza di Lavoro tra I giovani Ticinesi. Moreno Brughelli e Oscar Gonzalez. Ufficio di statistica (Ustat)
This article gives a more background idea responding to different question and giving some statistics. An example could be how unemployment evolved or if do unemployed young people have specific characteristics compared to their adult counterparts?

4) Luigi Bernasconi e Filippo Bignami. APPRENDISTI RICERCA IMPIEGO ARI 2015 Rapporto IUFFP-Dipartimento ricerca e sviluppo. Area: sistemi della formazione professionale
This article concentrates more on an effective solution that started in 2010 called ARI for canton Ticino , which are a series of interventions among young people who, at the end of their vocational training, report difficulties in finding a professional position.

data uploaded:
. Instruction for the content, references
. OUTLINE of a Ticinese Business situation analysis.
. article 1,3,4 for the references. article 2 (https://socialbusinessearth.org/youth-unemployment/#:~:text=The%20official%20unemployment%20rate%20among,from%202.5%25%20to%209%25)
. instruction on how to make a situational analysis.
. An example of an situational analysis paper (need to be the same structure).

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