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Topic needs to be worked on

Write a 2 (max 3 page) essay on your research topic (you may see this as the initial brief draft of your research proposal’s first section).

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: You have done something similar in —-. This is different. The same assignment won’t help you here. Your focus is on the methods and research process here.

There are virtually infinite options to study here. I really do not wish to see 2 of the same research. Be original, be authentic. If you have been working in study groups, make sure you have written an original piece, something different than your peers.

In your essay/proposal; include

1. A very brief introduction followed by the research question

2. Hypotheses (these are important because your conceptual and operational definitions will be based on the concepts/constructs/variables stated in your hypotheses)

3. The conceptual and operational definition of your research concepts (these will be the variables from your hypotheses.) (for example: low social cohesion leads to an increase in street crime at the neighborhood level. if this is your hypothesis, then you need to provide conceptual AND operational definitions of social cohesion and street crime)

4. Discuss how you will measure your variables and why your operational definition is valid (Example: I operationalize social cohesion by measuring percent renters, percent single-person household, income, and crime rates,  and it is valid because……………………)

Discuss face validity, criterion-related validity, construct validity and content validity (whichever is relevant for your study and concepts)

5. Identify your unit(s) of analysis

Cite and give references where necessary.

Use research methods concepts and terms. I expect to see signs of scholarly writing.

You have a lot of time for this assignment. Please take your time, do your research and make every sentence count.

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