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Tourism Services:National Park Service

1.    Describe the H&T company & its sustainability e.g., sector of tourism, size of company, location/s, ownership (local or foreign), years in operation, significance of the companys efforts (e.g., certifications, funds, projects, policies, etc.) to sustainability, examples and types of sustainability (e.g., social, ecological, economic).
2.    Assess applicable UNSDGs e.g., comprehensive discussion of applicable SDGs with specific examples demonstrated by your chosen H&T company, primary & secondary stakeholders (e.g., tourists, local people, businesses in the supply chain, local government, habitat & wildlife, etc.) in short, which of the 17 SDGs, where and how to integrate them.
3.    Advocate the incorporation of UNSDGs e.g., the ripple effect of the chosen SDGs, scale of your proposed ideas (local/regional/global), applicable sector/s of tourism, proposed partners to work on ideas, participation of stakeholders (as outlined in #2) in short, why would your H&T company want to integrate these SDGs.

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