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Trade Exploration

The image will appear as a box graph where the boxes are different sizes based upon how much that item was traded (in %).
You can toggle between exports and imports using the options on the page and hover over the boxes in the graph for more information on each product category. 


Based upon the data of your country from Atlas and your observations, your initial post should address the following questions:

1.What changes have you noticed in the exports of the United States?

2.What changes have you noticed in the imports of the United States?

3.What would you surmise are the trade advantages of the United States (please use course theory to support your answer)? https://www.brainscape.com/flashcards/chapter-6-theories-of-international-trade-6403443/packs/10055457

4.What would you say the United States has a comparative advantage in?

5.If you were going to engage in International Business in this country, what implications would your answer to question 4 mean for your business?

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