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Trends and future directions of new media and its influence on society

Readings:  Castells Networking minds, creating meaning, contesting power
Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education, ACRL.

Focused Reflection:  For this project, youre being asked to reflect on the following kind of questions as you articulate your experience/views on media influence: What are examples of activities individuals can apply to resist the influence of media? What are key ideas from thinkers examined in the course that resonated the most with your own views on media influence and why? How do you manage to hold onto values that are important to you personally, or in your view, socially, in the face of the unfolding of media influence? To what extent do you see yourself as an active participant within the current media trends? How do you feel when you think of the future of information technology and its new professional markets? How would you like to influence the development of your professional, relational, community, and/or social practices? (550 words).

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