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Type 1 diabetes

Use only scholarly/professional, peer-reviewed articles written within the last 5 yearsYou must choose your article by the end of week 2 and place in designated week 2 article dropbox.Use only scholarly/professional, peer-reviewed references. Do not use Wikipedia or internet sources that are not officially recognized as authority websites, as such websites are not scholarly sources. Also, keep in mind that not every .org domain is an authoritative website.1-2 double spaced page (NOT including the title page and references)In your evaluation, address each of the following components:The purpose of the studyResearch findingsDiscussion of how the information in the article might be useful in future nursing practice.Written in APA format (6th edition). This paper should include:Formal components including title pageAPA headers (include page numbers)APA formatted headings in the body of the paperAppropriate in-text reference citationsA reference page, in correct APA format

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