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unnecessary use of police force

Writing Assignment #4
Memo on
Short Report to Decision-maker
Summary of the Assignment:
Task: In this paper, you will write a memo to your instructor.
Format in Citing and Listing Sources: no sources required
Description of the Memo:
This assignment is designed to help prepare you in writing the short report to the decision-maker, which is the last writing assignment in the class. For this reason, you must read the instructions for writing assignment #5, the short report to the decision-maker, before attempting to write this memo.
In writing this memo, please use the format given on the next page:

Template for Submitting Your Memo
Note: Please use the format outlined below, including the headers provided in bold, for the memo.
Subject: Request to Write Short Report on UNNECESSARY USE OF POLICE FORCE

[Write one or two sentences describing why you are writing this memo.]

What the Problem Is and Why It Needs to Be Investigated
[In one or two paragraphs, describe the problem
in your workplace or community to which you are going to propose a solution. In addition, explain why you think this problem is significant and should be addressed.]

What Primary Research I Will Conduct about the Problem
[In a one or two paragraphs, describe primary research you will conduct on the problem and solution. Primary research can be interviews with individuals, pictures, surveys of individuals, actual workplace documents, etc. Primary research is not articles from the library.]

How My Organization or Community Will Benefit from My Recommendations
[In one or two paragraphs, describe your recommendations to the problem/situation you are describing. Include a description of the potential benefits that your organization or community will experience if your recommendations are carried out.]

[Instructors Name] [Your Name] [Todays Date]

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