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US History to 1877

US History to 1877

Please answer the selected four questions in an essay format. Please proofread and provide citations.  If you write your answers as lists, or in incomplete sentences, points will be deduced from your exam.  Each question is worth 5 points (for a total of 20 points).

What was the Great Hunger? (1) What was one of the primary reasons that the Irish were hated in America? (1) What was the Irish Temperance movement? (1) In what ways did the Father Mathew teacup reflect and construct Irish identity? (2)

Describe the establishment of the first Ku Klux Klan (KKK). What were its goals and who were its members? (1) What resulted in the demise of the first KKK? (1) What led to the second movement of the KKK? (1) What were the goals of the second movement? (1) Why was this second movement so popular in the United States? (1)

What was the cottage industry? (1) Define the term means of production? (1) What were three changes that occurred because of the Industrial Revolution? (3)

In what ways did the development of the Industrial Revolution lead to the rise of consumer culture in the US? (1) How were mail-order catalogs used by African Americans to circumvent local racism? (1) What is consumerism, and what do advertisers sell to consumers? (2) Discuss the display of wealth as detailed in the lecture.

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