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Using Literature in the EFL Classrooms

Using Literature in the EFL Classrooms in Miramar

As with any other method, approach, resource or plan, crossing the division between theory and practice is sometimes one of the most difficult aspects in our careers as Teachers of English as a Foreign Language. This is the reason why it is so important not only to read and understand old and new theoretical aspects of teaching but also to be able to put them into action in our local classrooms. Our contexts will define most of the aspects of our teaching, but we should not be afraid to modify those contexts whenever possible for the benefit of our students.
You have had a peek at what teaching with literature might bring to the classrooms, some of you shared your experiences as students in the forums. So, I am now asking to put those ideas, principles and doubts into paper. For this task, you have to read about the topic and combine the principles you have researched with your own experience and ideas. No position is either right or wrong, you can be in favour of using literature in the classroom or not, what counts here is your discussion about the topic and how you can state your view backing it with your research.
    Write an essay discussing the topic Using Literature in the EFL Classrooms in Miramar
    Follow the layout of any formal essay on any given topic.
    Introduction: state the reasons why you think teaching with literature in EFL classrooms in Miramar is possible/ beneficial / a hard task / or any valid point of view you might have on the topic. There is no right or wrong, just make sure you can back your ideas with solid theoretical background and examples from your experience either as a trainee teacher or student. Remember: Introductions are SHORT. One paragraph is ideal, two might already be too much. Just state why you are writing and state your position. Do not develop any ideas or explain any fact.
    Write the body of your essay. In this type of essay, it is common to use the advantages / disadvantages organization. Do not mix topics in the same paragraph, one advantage, one paragraph. Do not mix advantages and disadvantages in the same paragraph unless you balance each for the topic you are discussing. Make sure you use the correct transition words. You might want to discuss points such as teaching of vocabulary, grammar, cultural aspects, communicative strategies, etc.
    Provide practical examples whenever possible. You can discuss the layout of classrooms, technological issues, books available, hours of class, etc.
    Discuss resources available
    Discuss Approaches
    Conclusion. Dont forget to write a final, separate paragraph stating your conclusion. Do not provide new examples, ideas or facts in the conclusion, its purpose is to wrap up what you have discussed in the body of your essay. In general, it is a re- statement of the introduction.
    You can use the PDF attached as a guide. You can send me your questions or doubts as you write along.
    Include Bibliography and References correctly cited. Do not copy and paste unless you are quoting. Read, analyse, understand and re state in your own words. Use the APA Citation Guide throughout your document. This is the guide we use in English and Spanish so any formal document you prepare in your professional career needs to follow this guide. You can find it online.

    Send your essay at least 48 hours before your chosen date for the final exam. Again, you can send drafts, ideas, questions, etc. as you work.

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