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visual analysis

Write a 1000-word analysis of a visual text (photograph, advertisement, or image) as an argument by comparing its purpose to the effects it has on the intended audience. Your analysis should focus on the use of rhetorical appeals (logos, pathos, ethos) and on the persuasive effects of the visual text, not on the content of the text itself.

Your paper should follow MLA format with a clear thesis statement, should be well-organized and should:

-describe the rhetorical situation of the text (the intended audience, the purpose, the artist/author/creator, the genre, the medium, and the context

-explain and analyze, based on the rhetorical appeals, how the text is composed and how the argument is presented

-explain and analyze how the text connects with (or fails to connect with) the audience by using ethos, pathos, logos

-and address the overall effectiveness of the text as an argument (this is generally done in the conclusion)

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