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Voting should be mandatory

the essay should be based on the outline. The outline attached is based on the 6 articles attached.

below is the feedback from the professor about the outline and that should be implemented on the final essay:

You are also struggling to formulate your argument. Much of your current argument is trying to convince people that voting is valuable.  But you should be arguing why voting should be mandatory.

I recommend looking over your outline and determining which of your arguments are about the value of voting in GENERAL versus about the value of MANDATORY voting.

Each of your key arguments should be an answer to the question:  Why should voting be mandatory?

Voting should be mandatory because____
Voting should be mandatory because____
Voting should be mandatory because____

“Voting should be mandatory because elections have consequences” does not make sense.  Elections will have consequences regardless of whether voting is mandatory.  Maybe you want to say something like voting should be mandatory because it will ensure that more people have a say in the consequences of elections. 

Your second point is also not an argument for mandatory voting–Voting is a chance for change whether or not voting is mandatory. 

And the third point is also not focused enough.  Citizens will have a chance to have a say whether or not voting is mandatory.

I recommend looking over Sean’s outline for some ideas about reasons why voting should be mandatory.  Also, look back over the Galston article.  That has specific ideas.

Here are some points from your outline that do deal with mandatory voting:
—The community depends on every person
—Elections belong to the people, hence making it mandatory will help them become part of the decision.

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