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Watch The music of Miles Davis Jazz Concert on youtube

Watch the youtube jazz concert. This should be an exercise in creative writing and students should attempt to explain in their own words how the music makes them feel and describe in detail anything striking or unexpected about the overall atmosphere of the concert. The performers
How many took part?
Were there any soloists? What kind of ensembles performed? (Ex. String Quartet, Choir, Band) Was there a conductor?
3. The music
What specific pieces were performed? Identify by composer and title.
Was the music primarily instrumental or vocal or a combination?
Were there a variety of styles and genres represented?
What musical eras were represented? (Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th-Century, Contemporary)
4. The performance
What was your opinion of the performance(s)? (Provide details for each major work on the program).
If there was a conductor: Did he/she have a strong connection with the musicians? Did the gestures seem to have musical meaning?
If there was a soloist: Did he/she communicate well with the other musicians? How was the solo performance?
If chamber music: How did the individuals play together as a group?
5. Personal observations
What impressed you most about the concert?
What did you like the least? Why?
Can you relate elements of the concert to music you listened to before the start of this course?

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