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Weather Patterns

Double spaced

Times New Roman Font Size: 12

Find and use 5 peer reviewed academic journal research articles.

As city dwellers, were often busy working and/or going to school. Many of us leave our homes and get in our cars, or bikes, or skateboards, and get on the road. At this speed, we miss or ignore many environmental conditions that make our landscape. You are assigned to explore your local environment. What are the weather conditions or climatic patterns? What wind patterns dominate this area? What temperature ranges do you experience? How do you experience moisture such as storms, clouds, or fog . Then I want you to explore a country that you would like to visit or live in. You will write about this locations weather patterns,  and/or the hydrologic features that are present there. Then I want you choose one topic that we are covering in class and compare and contrast your local environment to the environment you are researching. (Examples of topics: weather, extreme weather (tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis). Articles and books must relate to the physical geography of 1 country or region of your choice. Do not quote the articles, paraphrase or summarize them in your own words instead.

APA format

For your Works Cited page (required) provide:

Name of Author

Title of Article or book

Date (Year)

Name of the peer reviewed Journal

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