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Week 1 and 4

1. Watch this movie: https://fau.kanopy.com/video/Cleo-5-7 Answer the following prompt: Begin by highlighting a moment from Cleo from 5 to 7 that struck you as powerful, moving, or interesting (perhaps even unusual or confusing). It could be a narrative development, an image, or a sound (or a combination of all three). Explain why this moment stood out to you. 2. Watch this movie: https://fau.kanopy.com/video/ugetsu Answer this prompt: identify an action or series of actions from Ugetsu that unfold in one shot. What happens? How are the events staged and framed? And why do you think Mizoguchi chose to shoot this action or actions in such a manner?

And also they will need my FAU login for the movies
User: scohen2020
Pass: Reeses55318!

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