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Week 1 Writing Assignment

After completing your reading, search the Internet for any article related to a current issue or trend in Sports Administration. Submit a 1 to 2-page abstract/critique including proper APA format, on the article. 


 The abstract will be at least one page, but not to exceed two pages double-spaced using 12 font size/Times New Roman font. The abstract will involve a summary of the article’s point and how it relates to chapter reading for this week’s Hall lecture.


i. Emphasis on the major theme(s) of the article should be given.

ii. An explanation of the evidence and facts supporting the author’s main points should be listed.

iii. If one quotes or paraphrases the author’s work, credit must be given to that author through proper APA formatting. No plagiarism.

iv. Include your name, course number/title, date, and name of the abstract on a separate cover page when submitting this assignment.


 The critique should include your critical views about the subject matter and how you would deal with the current issue or trend in sports administration if you were in the role as an administrator with decision making abilities from a Christian perspective.


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