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Weekly Journal

The weekly journal is an opportunity for you to integrate the content of this module, as well as further develop your understanding of the character who you chose to go on this journey with.

In this week’s journal, use the character you selected from Module 1’s journal and reflect on the questions below. Integrate relevant literature (at least three sources) to inform your responses.

Answer the following questions from the point of view of the character you chose in Module 1. Write as if you are that person:

Who are you? Consider the factors of gender, ethnicity, racial identity, sexual orientation, disability and ability, nationality, citizenship status, age, and economic or class status.
How do you imagine others perceive you? How do you feel about their perception? How would you like others to perceive you? How do your cultural background, group identities, values, and beliefs fit with your definition of the majority cultural group? (Define and describe the majority cultural group.) What attributes or dimensions influence the differences between you and those you may consider “other”?
How do your ethnicity, religious beliefs, cultural and socio-economic statuses, values, social privilege or disenfranchisement, and previous education inform the ways you think about and respond to issues of diversity and social justice?
Now, reflect on the following questions from your own point of view:

Answer the three above questions.
How is this person similar to and different from you?
What was it like to write this from another point of view?

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