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What are the age groups that have the highest rate of depression?

i have attached prior assignments that correlate to this one

Research Proposal: The research proposal due at the end of the semester (12/4) will be comprised of the following components:  I. Introduction, II. Background/Significance
(Literature/Review), and III. Research Design and Methods. There will be activities that are due throughout the semester to encourage students to reflect and work on this assignment in advance of the due dates. More details will be provided on Canvas. Maximum Number of Cumulative Points: 100

Additional/Updated Details: I am tweaking this assignment structure based on  (but not exactly like)  a great resource I found here (https://www.uky.edu/~eushe2/Pajares/proposal.html (Links to an external site.)). Keep in mind this is a paper so it is written in paragraph format with transition sentences within and between paragraphs so that it has a clear flow. You should use sub-headings to delineate between the sections.

Title Page: Your name, the date, the course, and the title

Introduction/Statement of Question-in this section I want you to do the following: introduce your question, create reader interest in the topic, lay the broad foundation for the problem that leads to the study (why is the important question, what social issues/sociological interests does it build on/relate to), and reach out to a specific audience (who should care and why). This part of the paper should be 200-350 words and needs to make use of some of your sources to provide empirical support for your statements.

Purpose of Study-in this section I want you to do the following: Try to incorporate a sentence that begins with The purpose of this study is . . .-where you offer a rationale for the study. Clearly identify and define the central constructs of the study. Restate your question and introduce the hypotheses to be tested if you have those. Finally, identify the specific method of inquiry to be used (but do not provide details). This part of the paper should be (150-250 words)-this is almost like an abstract (but unlike an abstract there are no findings) as it provides a shorthand introduction to the main elements of your proposed study.

Review of Literature: remember the goals of the literature review as discussed by textbook and organize in a way that tells a story/makes sense for your question. Refer to the suggestions provided by https://www.uky.edu/~eushe2/Pajares/proposal.html  (Links to an external site.)Number of sources should be  a range of 4-7; the requirement is (500-750 words). You dont have to use the same sources as annotated bibliography (as you can add, subtract to those as needed).

Research Design/Methods: Sampling: Identify who your study population is and then, address what sampling approach you will use to draw your sample. Discuss your desired sample in terms of key characteristics, and identify any potential issues/concerns regarding representativeness, generalizability, or other limitations. The word count for this section should be 150-250 words.

(Links to an external site.)Research Design/Methods: Instrumentation/Data Collection: Identify what type of research methodology you will be employing, making sure to identify all relevant terminology needed. For data collection discuss if cross-sectional or longitudinal, as well as a general plan for how you will be collecting data. In terms of the instruments you will use for some the methodology designs (interview guide/questionnaire), indicate if you are creating your own or using established measurements. Justify your decision making for all of this (why are you choosing to collect your data this way? benefits? limitations? ) The word count for this section should be 250-350 words.

Limitations/Significance: In this concluding section of proposal you need to do two things. First, identify limitations potential weaknesses of the study and address why for your study it is hard (impossible) to avoid/address those concerns. Then, think about the implications of your study. How will it advance knowledge? How might future researchers expand upon this study? Impact practitioners or policy makers? he word count for this section should be 200-350 words.

References: list of references used in proposal formatted in the format of your choice (I prefer APA/ASA) .

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